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    SUMMER 2021 UPDATE -- As mentioned in our last newsletter, " . . . (His Helping Hand's) ability to deliver services as in the past has been severely affected both financially and practically (due to Covid-19)" We continue to pray and discuss where God might alternatively be opening doors in all of this. You can join us in praying for wisdom as well as the financial resources to make all of this possible. (Lumber costs alone are nearly twice as much as in the prior year.)


    Despite limitations that have affected every business and nonprofit organization, His Helping Hands is still focused on making life better for those we are called to serve. We're happy to report that since the first part of the year, volunteers have built five (5) access ramps for individuals such as Ron and Terry Hardy (see photos below). We anticipate that with easing of Covid restrictions, we will be able to do much more in the days ahead.

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    "We didn't want to bother you today but just wanted to say thank you for the new ramp. My wife and I got to use it today and just love it! It is so much easier to get in and out. Thanks again!"


    Ron and Terry Hardy

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    PEORIA -- "Ready to Roll" gives access for independence by building ramps (WEEK 6/22/19) Being able to get in and out of the house is something most people take for granted. Recognizing that not everyone has the same access to mobility was the center of today’s 8th Annual Ready to Roll day . . . (read more)

    PEORIA -- "Ready to Roll" Event Gives Accessibility to Residents (1470 & 100.3 WMBD 6/23/19) Final preparations are underway for the 8th annual Ready to Roll event this weekend. Jeannine McAllister, with Advocates for Access, says volunteers will build 13 ramps on Saturday, June 22, for local residents with disabilities. (read more) 

    PEORIA -- PJ Star 6/22/18) Sixth annual "Ready to Roll" brings accessibility to local residents. Fifteen Peoria=area residents will be "ready to roll" on Saturday as new wheelchair ramps . . . (read more)

    (You Tube) Tim Johnson and Stacy Borho talk with Jeff Heft from His Helping Hands about the Ready to Roll build.

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  • Upcoming Events

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    Ready to Roll Pre-build

    Saturday, May 16, 2020

    Flawless execution means planning ahead. In the case of readiness for our Ready to Roll, that means volunteers pre-cut and assemble as much of the ramp as possible before the one day Ready to Roll event. If you would like to help, contact us and let us know. (DUE TO COVID-19, THIS EVENT WILL BE RESCHEDULED. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS.)

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    Ready to Roll

    Saturday, June 20, 2020

    "Giving long-awaited freedom and mobility" is His Helping Hand's goal with every community provided wheelchair access ramp. What is especially noteworthy is that this labor-intensive effort is all done by volunteers. The only cost is for raw materials. Your donation can help bring independent mobility to the area's low income folks with disabilities. If you would like also to help with the ramp build event, mark your calendars now and let us know of your interest. (DUE TO COVID-19, THIS EVENT WILL BE RESCHEDULED. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS.)