• Ramp Access Made Possible (RMP)

    Enabling Independence at Home

    Talk with anyone constrained to a wheelchair about their frustrations and it is not long before accessibility concerns begin to surface. Whether it is restaurant seating that does not well accommodate wheelchairs, offices, and businesses that are not ADA compliant, public parking, or other, theirs is a life that few can relate to unless similarly disabled.
    Unfortunately for far too many persons, getting in and out of their home means waiting until someone is available to lift a wheelchair-bound person precariously down steps and into the outside. That frequently means having to wait hours, or even days before getting out. And then when help does arrive, so does the fear of being dropped.
    His Helping Hand's response is to build house-specific wheelchair access ramps that are fully ADA compliant. That means, for example, the slope is "just right" and there is sufficient room in which to navigate--independently! It also means no more waiting to enjoy the outdoors, to go to the library, to the doctor's office, the local museum, or grocery store. No more constraints . . . no more homes as prisons.
    We recently asked a number of our previous ramp recipients how getting a ramp has changed their lives. They often say it's "unbelievable" or an answer to prayer. We call what they say, "Outcomes." And they are exactly why we do what we do. Read about some of the other ways this valuable program helps our Trip-County neighbors.
    Self Referral:
    Our baseline for eligibility in this program is a low-income, physically disabled, and wheelchair-reliant homeowner (or member of the family). If you find that fits you, and you are unable to get out into the community as much as you would like due to needing help leaving and returning home, His Helping Hands may be able to help. We partner with volunteers and professionals to build wheelchair access ramps specifically tailored to your needs. Simply fill out the Application, scan, and send it to us at info@HisHelpingHandsinc.org. You can also mail the Application to us at the address below. We will be in touch as soon as we review it.
    3rd Party Agency Referrals:
    His Helping Hands accepts referrals for wheelchair access ramps from medical and other care providers. Please complete the Client Referral Form, then scan and send it to us at info@HisHelpingHandsinc.org. We will keep you updated after we review the referral. All information will be treated as confidential.

    His Helping Hands Inc.,

    2527 W. Rohmann Ave,

    West Peoria, IL 61604


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    What are you waiting for?

    Be a part of the volunteer team that makes all of this possible. Act today. Help change a life tomorrow.

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  • Take a Peek Inside a PreBuild

    Some of What Goes on Before a Ramp is Installed

  • Although our annual Ramp Build means a really busy, full day for lots of individuals and businesses in the Tri County area, there is also much work that goes on "behind the scenes" before any ramp is installed. We call it our PreBuild. In 2020, our one day PreBuild event will be May 16th.


    As you will see in the video, PreBuild is where the art of design is applied to weather-treated lumber, and where dreams for mobility are made possible by volunteers who measure, cut, and pre-assemble multiple ramp sections that can then be reassembled in a one-day, community-wide Ready To Roll ramp build. (Video appreciation to "In The Neighborhood" Broadcasting & Media Production Co).