• Ramp Access Made Possible (RMP)

    Enabling Independence at Home

    Are you unable to get out into the community as much as you would like due to needing help leaving and returning home? Maybe you have a neighbor who can relate to this need. His Helping Hands can help. We partner with volunteers and professionals to build wheelchair access ramps specifically tailored to your needs. Simply fill out the Application and send to us at the address below. We will be in touch as soon as we are able to review.

    His Helping Hands Inc.,

    2527 W. Rohmann Ave,

    West Peoria, IL 61604


    What are you waiting for?

    Physically disabled? Need a wheelchair ramp for home access. We're all about that!

  • Take a Peek Inside a PreBuild

    Just Some of What Goes on Long Before a Ramp is Installed

  • Although our annual Ramp Build means a really busy, full day for lots of individuals and businesses in the Tri County area, there is also much work that goes on "behind the scenes" before any ramp is installed. We call it our PreBuild. In 2020, our one day PreBuild event will be May 16th.


    As you will see in the video, PreBuild is where the art of design is applied to weather-treated lumber, and where dreams for mobility are made possible by volunteers who measure, cut, and pre-assemble multiple ramp sections that can then be reassembled in a one-day, community-wide Ready To Roll ramp build. (Video appreciation to "In The Neighborhood" Broadcasting & Media Production Co).