• More Ways to Give

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    In-Kind Gifts

    The federal tax code allows individuals and businesses to make non cash, i.e., in-kind contributions to qualifying charities such as His Helping Hands, and to claim deductions for these contributions on their tax returns. Gifts of donated real estate, vehicles, equipment, and other non cash items have long been an important source of revenue for many charitable organizations and a popular deduction for taxpayers.


    If this fits your particular giving needs, contact us and we will be happy to talk with your further or to give you additional information to help you make your decision. You can also call us at 309.674.0086.

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    Employer Charity Gift Matching

    Multiply Your Giving Impact

    Does your employer match employee/retiree giving, or reward volunteer hours donated? Many do and yours may be one of them. If so, you have the ability to significantly increase the impact of your gift to His Helping Hands. Your employer will provide you with all the details.


    Here are just a few of the employers who match employee contributions to a charity.

    • Home Depot
    • GE
    • Coca Cola
    • Starbucks
    • JP Morgan
    • State Farm
    • Thrivent
    • Caterpillar
    • Chevron
    • CarMax
    • Choice Hotels
    • Darden Restaurants
    • Office Depot 

    If your employer doesn't match charitable gifts at this time, however, why not consider asking them to take this charitable step in helping to provide a whole new life to your neighbors in the Tri-County area.

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    Donate Highly Appreciated Assets

    Have you purchased (or been given) an asset that has increased significantly in value and perhaps no longer need, or want? You may be able to gift the asset to His Helping Hands and receive a substantial tax benefit. Here are examples of potentially appreciated assets.

    • Stocks & bonds
    • Land or other real estate
    • Retirement assets
    • Life Insurance

    (We recommend that you always discuss a donation of this nature with your attorney or tax adviser before taking any action.

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    Donate to a Particular Project

    If you are interested in a particular project or cause, you can specify that we invest your contribution in that project or cause. Let us know what that is and we will be happy to comply with your designation. We've listed a few of the ways above; however, if you would like to see a full list of giving options, please let us know.

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    Donate In-Kind Items or Services

    You can donate specific items or services to His Helping Hands as a means of helping our work to in the Tri-County area. You might also be able to get a tax break for doing so. Here are just a few examples.

    • Office space 
    • Office supplies
    • Accounting services
    • Clerical services
    • Grant writing expertise
    • Fundraising services
    • Social media involvement
    • Printing services 

    Call or email us if interested. We would love to discuss further with you.

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    Add Us To Your Will

    His Helping Hands, Inc. is a local, faith-based organization that is dedicated to ensuring safe, secure, and accessible homes to financially needy persons who have disabilities, are elderly, or are a single parent head of household.


    Unfortunately, there are many needs . . . but limited funds. Which is why we respectfully ask you to remember our work in your advanced planning strategy. We would be most appreciative.


    Here is our information to share with your attorney or financial advisor.


    Name: His Helping Hands, Inc.

    Tax Exempt Status: 501(c)(3). Incorporated in the State of Illinois (December, 2000)

    Tax ID No: 37-1405536

    Address: 2527 W. Rohmann Ave., Peoria, IL 61604

    Tele No: 309-674-0086

    CEO: Jeff Heft

    Web Address: www.HisHelpingHandsInc.org

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    Donate by Check

    If you are more comfortable mailing a donation, simply make a check payable to His Helping Hands and send to:



    2527 W. Rohmann Ave.

    West Peoria IL 61604