• Our Mission

    His Helping Hands is a faith-based organization dedicated to ensuring safe, secure, and accessible houses to financially needy persons who are disabled, elderly, or single parent head of household.

  • Our Vision

    By 2025, financially needy, eligible persons in four major metropolitan counties

    of Illinois will have full access to all programs and services of His Helping Hands

  • Our Values


    We hold these Values to be the root of all that we do as an organization.


    PERSONAL ACTIONS: We believe that our actions are our testimony. We will seek always to show Christ in all that we do.


    FIDELITY: We will be true to local, state, and federal laws and will remain faithful to the Mission of His Helping Hands as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.


    TRANSPARENCY: The “light of day” guards against questionable actions. We will always be open and forthright with all of our stakeholders.


    ACCOUNTABILITY: We understand that we must account for our actions on both temporal and spiritual planes. We will, therefore, invest all resources to accomplish the greatest good at least cost. We recognize, also, that right ends will never justify wrong means.


    STEWARDSHIP: We are caretakers of public resources and will at all times seek to be worthy of the responsibility entrusted to us.