• Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. How does His Helping Hands (HHH) get its operating funds?

    We have 4 principal sources at present: (1) individual and corporate donations; (2) small grants—largely from tri-county businesses; (3) donations of in-kind goods and services; and (4) program revenue generated in the Home Ownership Program.


    Q. Other than cash contributions, how else can I contribute to His Helping Hands?

    There are many other ways you can contribute including donating appreciated assets such as property, life insurance policies, and the like. You can also donate land, vehicles, and boats to name just a few. We are also able to use donations of building supplies (AND) YOUR TIME. We are always in the market for this valuable donation—whether a teacher, office worker, construction worker, CEO type, or other. Contact us . . . and you will see that we are greatly appreciative!


    Q. Is His Helping Hands a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity?

    Yes—all contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.


    Q. Does the organization get any money from the government?

    At present, His Helping Hands receives no grant money from the government. Although we are not opposed to receiving funds from this source, we will not accept money that comes with any stipulation that would require us to compromise who we are or what we do.


    Q. What is His Helping Hands’ annual budget?

    Our 2019 annual budget is approximately $61,000.


    Q. Does HHH require recipients to pay some of the cost of its ramps?

    Our programs are targeted largely to low-income persons; hence, we recognize that recipients of our services will likely be unable to participate financially. All programs operate with that understanding and most recipients pay nothing.


    That said, certain programs have different expectations. Check out our Home Ownership Program, Ramp Access Made Possible Program, and our Home Maintenance and Repair Program for specific requirements.


    Q. What is the current cost of one of your wheelchair ramps? Can I pre-fund one of them and if so, how can I do so?

    At present, each ramp costs $1,000 . . . and YES . . . you can pre-fund one of these. Simply send your check to His Helping Hands and say you want the funds used specifically for a wheelchair access ramp. We will honor your request completely. We’ll even send you a picture of the ramp when completed.


    Q. How does His Helping Hands find its service recipients?

    You’re reading one of the ways—HHH gets quite a few self-referrals by individuals who find our services online. We also get referrals from several Tri-county service agencies with whom we network. YOU can actually refer someone to us if you know an individual who could receive our help. Simply contact us with a call or email.


    Q. How can my church (or club) get involved with His Helping Hands?

    Much of the work we do is made possible through the generous giving of time, finances, and other resources of churches, clubs, and the like. Give us a call, or email and we’ll be in touch.


    Q. Can you use office help?

    Absolutely! Whatever your skill/comfort level in that area, there is a need. Simply give us a call, or email.