• Home Maintenance & Repair (HMR)

    Doing the Necessary Things That Make a Home More Livable

    Making changes to aid mobility

    Improving safety for seniors

    It's all about the details

  • Know Someone Who Needs Our Help?

    Do You?

    There is little that bothers us more than to learn that someone is finding it impossible to adequately maintain their home, and may even be facing the prospect of having to leave it. It is especially disconcerting to us when that someone is a low-income older person, an individual with disabilities, or a single parent head of household.


    That is where the Home Maintenance and Repair Program might just be able to bring back smiles and save the day. We can't totally rebuild a house or replace its plumbing and electrical systems--or things like that--but we can make great big dents in smaller projects. Like replacing tub surrounds*, electrical outlets, and light switches; repairing or replacing kitchen and bathroom faucets; repairing drywall; and similar things. And if the homeowner is unable to do so himself (or herself), we will even do yard clean-up.


    All at no cost to the homeowner. Sound like something you, or someone you know might be interested in? Contact us. We just might be able to put a smile on a face.