• HMR Outcomes

    We will admit that doing the “little things” that keep a home livable can almost escape notice since these maintenance tasks are generally visible only to the homeowner. And that’s ok, after all, it’s their well-being that we are addressing. But don’t ever think that “out of sight changes” to their home don’t have lasting effects . . . because you would be wrong.


    Here are just a few of the ways we provide outcomes that add to a homeowner's quality of life.

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    Home Value

    Home value can be preserved -- or even added to. Often, even small tasks will significantly change a home's appearance and charm.

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    Basic Needs

    His Helping Hand repairs help ensure that homeowner dollars are available for medical care, pharmaceuticals, food, and other basic needs.

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    Social Service Connections

    If there is an observed need in the home and the homeowner approves, volunteers can connect him or her with individuals in the community who are able to address the specific need.

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    Avoided Larger Repairs

    Repairs made early help avoid larger, more costly repairs later. By some estimates, every $1 dollar spent on preventative maintenance, avoids a larger, future expenditure of $100 in repairs.

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    Prolonged Independence

    Home maintenance repairs can help keep a homeowner independent, and in their home longer. In fact, it has been shown that homeowners who receive repairs are nearly 3 times as likely to be able to age in their own homes.

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    Energy Savings

    Many home repairs and basic maintenance upgrades reduce energy wastage.